Food and drinks is a mobile-based application in which user can search nearby restaurants and hotels with the help of GPS. A user can view Location and Shop info for individual hotels/restaurants. Based on user satisfaction, they can review and follow the shop. For every shop, four services are available. 

Classification displays the cultural foods, in which user can select their favorite food and search their nearby hotels/restaurants. If there are any events conducted in the hotels, they will be displayed in shop info. If any offer/coupon awarded from the shop, that will be updated to the user.

Product Features

  • Integrated with Google Map
  • Easy to customize, well-commented code
  • Full Membership
  • Hotel, Motel, Bar, Restaurant and more(based on kms, postal code, rating, city wise)
  • Highly accurate search results
  • Push notifications
  • Users can review and follow hotel/restaurants according to their choice
  • Share shop information to our friends via social media
  • App built with Android Native
  • Includes Launcher & Logo design