"Bhakti" Refers to the Common Religious Devotion that is held in the heart of a devoted person of any Spiritual Faith to the pure love of "God". 


When Bhakti And Mantra are together made with Meditation, you will feel like it Heaven and Way to a God.


We have Created Such a Musical Application for All Hindu Bhakt/Peoples who like to Listen to a God Mantra as well as Chalisa to Every Day and everywhere you go.




---This App Contains all god Chalisa, mantra, dhun, bhajan etc..

---Easily play, pause, previous, next repeat and shuffle tracking.

---Easy to download the track and you can listen to it without an internet connection.

---Easy To Share app With your Friends And Relatives.

—When new track added it will notify automatically.




—You can manage categories of the song.

—You can add multiple items to serval categories.

—You can upload audio and video.

—Notify user through notification module.


Application Live Link